From Hardwood, to Homeless, to Hardbody

Walking off the basketball court after losing 30+ consecutive basketball games as a head coach, most coaches in that position would be facing a high level of uncertainty regarding their immediate future with their employer and their lifestyle in the future, in general.

However, my immediate future was very clear to me. I knew that I was not going to be the head coach at Western New Mexico by the middle of following week and I knew that I had tough challenge ahead of me regarding how I was going to earn income in the next 60 days.

I had to accept the fact that my coaching career was officially over. My team just finished the season with 0 wins and 26 losses. That was preceded by the previous season’s record of 1 win and 25 losses. A career 9 wins and 70 losses over three seasons as a college basketball head coach! Sigh!!!

Utah State vs. Western New Mexico

Utah State vs. Western New Mexico

After 13 seasons in college basketball and four in high school, I would be changing careers to help support my then-wife and two children. During the early years, I had experienced conference championships, two NCAA tournaments and recruited highly ranked prospects as a Division I assistant coach. But, the many cross country moves chasing new opportunities and the pay cut at Western New Mexico had taken a toll on my family financially. So, there were no reserves available to help my single income family endure another job transition or an extended job search. I had exactly 60 days of income left and I wasn’t going to have more coming in immediately.

So, during the  lowest point in my life I had to come up with a plan. But, the plan included living without a home for myself, out of the back of my Ford Explorer for the next six months.

This story is about the origins of my life as a strength and conditioning coach and the start of the Adams Fit System.

Hopefully I can motivate one person who has or is experiencing financial difficulty, homeless-ness/houseless-ness, despair or desperation. With a plan and a strong will-to-win, you can come out of your temporary situation with nothing but lessons and memories of what once was.


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